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Summer Pre-School Gifts

Summer is just around the corner.

But before we start splashing in the pool and eating s’mores. We have to end our class first. My BabyChuChu attended an early sort of Pre-school class. It’s a special day class that helps him improve on all things he needs to join a regular class. Oh, how we love our teacher, Ms. Joy. Also, BabyChuChu loves all his friends. So to end the school year, we decided to give each one a simple gift. Kids friendly, fun, and affordable as well.

Summer Preschool Gift - Babbles

First, we have our Bubble Wands. These are pretty cheap if you get it on sale. I found that buying the 6 pack for $3.99 is much more affordable than buying individual ones for $0.99.

Each kid gets one wand along with a small tag that I printed at home. I design the tag using the Silhouette software. You can download the program for free, here. You don’t need to have the cameo or the portrait to print it out.

Summer Preschool Gift - Chalk

Then, we have a couple of chalks on snack baggies. The Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk (24 pack) was on sale at Walmart for $1.99 at the time I bought them. I only needed two boxes to share with 21 students (His class and the class next door as well). Each bag has two different colors for variety. The tags were also created using Silhouette software.

I loved how the kids brighten up as they received their little gift. It only shows that it doesn’t take much to make little ones happy.

How about you, any ideas for classroom gifts? I would love to learn them, comment them down below.


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