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DOKI DOKI by Japan Crate – Feb. 2017

I’m so excited to share my very first Doki Doki subscription box with you guys. Though I’m a bit late in posting, I still need to share it. I just gotta!

For those whose wondering, what is Doki Doki… well, let me tell you. Doki Doki is crate full of kawaii things. Every box contains 5-7 cute items ranging from exclusive wearables and plushies to licensed collectibles, snacks, household goods, and much more. You can subscribe monthly, 6-months, or yearly. A box starts at $30/month with free shipping worldwide.

Their little pamphlet is even something you can collect. I mean look at how adorable this cover art is by Anubis. 20170220_214756

Inside, they even included a short comics.


Well, you can clearly tell that our theme for February’s box is, of course, Valentine’s Day.

In the box, we will find a mix of kawaii items:

♥ Meltykiss: Limited Edition Intense Strawberry

♥ Chocolate Pen

♥ Mango & Berry Plushie – Berry

♥ Cherry Hair Clip

♥ Totoro Chopsticks

♥ Sanrio Character Fluffy Warm Socks – Gudetama

♥ Valentine’s Day Hoppe-Chan


Like always, I post my unboxing video on my Youtube channel, and for Doki Doki, here it is.

If you guys want to check Doki Doki by Japan Crate, Click Here.

While I’m typing this post, I receive an email that March box are already on its way. I’m so excited!

Don’t forget to hit subscribe guys, so once my March Doki Doki comes in, you and I can ogle all the cuteness in it.

Hugs, Dee♥



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