Love of Food

Lunch at Dohtonbori 

Last year, wow that sounded so long ago, but seriously it was just a few weeks ago. Anyway, for the last month of last year, the whole family finally took the trip and visited the Philippines. I was a bit stingy on posting since day one of my vacation. I rarely upload; thus, my phone’s memory gets pretty full. I figured it’s time to post pictures now, clear off some memory space and what better way to start of my post but with #Food.


Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki Restaurant (SM Mall of Asia, Pasay)

Authentic Okonomiyaki stalls in Japan gives you the best tastes when eaten right after it’s finished cooking in front of you. Well, don’t need to book a flight to Japan, since, at Dohtonbori in SM Mall of Asia, all their tables come equipped with griddle for everyone to experience and enjoy the real authentic okonomiyaki. With that, my first time trying Dohtonbori, I did NOT order okonomiyaki. Yup, weird right? Well, at that moment, I wasn’t hungry for an okonomiyaki but ramen instead. And that’s what I had.

Cha-Shu Ramen

It’s my first time trying it, so my expectation was close to none.

One word, #Scrumptious!

Definitely worth the 20 extra minutes of wait. The broth was heavy with flavor, and the meat was to die for. I added the soft boiled eggs for an extra charge, and it was the perfect complement to the whole dish. My personal preference when it comes to any Ramen noodles would be close to being soggy, but as we may know Japanese love their Ramen noodles a bit al dente. It was an easy fix for me, just waited for a few more minutes while the hot broth cooks my Ramen a little more and Viola! It was perfect.

I’m definitely coming back here to try other things on their menu. Maybe on my next vacation, I can finally try their Okonomiyaki. Until then, I’ll just dream of it.


always ♥ Dee


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