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MishiBox: April 2016

This is an edited version. I totally forgot my post was scheduled to post 8 days ago. It was posted without anything, just a link on my unboxing video on youtube. Well, I guess it’s good that there was at least a link. LoL!

Well, what is MishiBox?

MISHIBOX is a U.S.-based online retailer of Korean beauty products that also offers a subscription service that delivers a box of 4-6 Korean beauty products. Curated by a team of beauty experts, they’ll send out brands we may have heard and love and brands that’s new to us. Each subscription boxes cost $19.95 with a $5.95 Shipping Fee on certain areas, whereas it’s Free Shipping to California. Not too bad. By the way, Mishibox is pronounced “me-she” box, cool right?

I’ve skipped March box, due to one of their product not compatible to my skin. I found out about it since the company itself emailed me. That’s a good thing. I love that they took the time to check each subscribers preference and take it into consideration when putting their curated items in a box. They gave us an option of either skipping or substitution. I opted for skipping.

With that, I was super excited to receive my April Box.
Let’s see what I got…

Thank you guys
always Me,


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