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OwlCrate: March 2016 – Writer’s Block

I love to read and I love books. That in itself is a fact. I maybe tight on budget but I always find a way to add a book or two on my mini-library at home. I usually buy well taken care off pre-loved books. I think it’s better that way. With that being said, I went back and forth, contemplating, deliberating, wondering whether it’s worth it to have a book subscription. Well, let’s just say that hesitation was history now.

My very first book subscription is with OwlCrate. For those who’s not familiar with OwlCrate, they deliver new YA books right to your doorstep every month. Along with the book, you’ll get some bookish stuff. Every month they have different theme and the books or the bookish items will follow that theme.

For March, the theme was “Writer’s Block”. Let see what’s inside.

First, we got a custom pack of pins from Bookworm Boutique. They created three pins exclusively for this month’s box. With sayings such as, “I start a new adventure every time I open a book,” “Let’s live in fictional worlds,” and “I read to live, I live to read.” All three perfectly sums up my life.

The second item in the box is something I’ve been wanting to have for a long time now. I was thinking about buying it online. Good thing I didn’t since Owlcrate read my mind and included it on our March box. The “642 Tiny Things to Write About” notebook from Chronicle Books is full of prompt that are sure to get my creative juices flowing and might even inspire some amazing stories. Hopefully.

Third item is something cozy. Banned books socks from Out of Print looks like a mismatched sock but are not. It’s just one of the sock was a crossed out titles of banned books while the other shows it. I was afraid that it would not fit me since I have big feet. To my surprise it fit me just about right, maybe a little snug but I’m sure if I wear it enough, it’ll fit me perfect in the future.

Fourth item is a white quill like pen from Kikkerland. Feeling the vibe of Hogwarts, right? Well, it looks fun but I’m not that happy about the color. White tends to show signs of wear and dirt easily. With how I usually handle things, I tend to smudge, blot, and smear ink almost everywhere. I like it, but not so much the color.

Fifth item is a postcard that has a quote that says, “They went to the column, where they stole a few more quiet minutes together, listening to the river wear its way deeper into the earth, the way people wear grooves into each other’s hearts.” The quote was derived from the book. When I first read it, I instantly thought it just some quote. Well, after I read the book, I understood it better.

IMG_20160325_103142Speaking of the book, the included book is by Jeff Zentner. His very first published book, titled “The Serpent King”. Dill, Lydia, and Travis took me from my California apartment and transported me to their place in Forrestville. The place where they have many obstacles to overcome, struggles to win, dark pasts to walk out from, and futures they must face. I’ve finished reading the book in one full day. My heart, oh how my heart hurt after reading it. I sympathize more toward Travis than to Dill and Lydia. Maybe because I read a glimpse of my own life in his. The title, Serpent King, is a bit misleading for me. When I first saw the book my first impression was it’ll be a mystery, or a sci-fi book. It was not. In my own opinion, I think another title might have fit the whole story better. But who am I to question it, right? I’m just a lowly reader. LoL!

Lastly, along with the book, Jeff Zentner wrote a letter.

Dearest Fellow Owlcrate Lover,

What a privilege and honor it is to me that you now have my Book. It’s a dream come true. This Book came to me at the end of one of the most trying periods of my life; a time when I thought the balance of my life would begin to tip toward endings, not beginnings. I wrote The Serpent King for everyone who has ever wrestled with faith, for everyone who’s ever found salvation in friendship, for everyone who’s had to find beauty in rust and broken things, for everyone who’s ever wondered what it means to live a good life, for everyone whose dreams are bigger than the place they live, for everyone who’s had things taken from them, for everyone who’s had to break a cycle and pave a new Road, for everyone who’s ever felt the kind of hurt so profound only an infinite summer sky can contain it, for everyone who’s ever felt the kind of love so vast nothing can contain it.

For you.
My greatest hope, my friend, is that this Book helps you do painful, brave, and beautiful things.

Walk into the bright morning.

Your friend,
Jeff Zentner

Well, here you have it.


That’s my March Owlcrate box with a theme of Writer’s Block.

How about you guys, have you read The Serpent King? Any opinion?


Hugs, Dee



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