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GlossyBox: February 2016


Love is in the air. Yes, that’s the GlossyBox tag line for the month of hearts and love, February. This month’s box is my 7th box for this year’s subscription. So far, I’ve been loving everything that I’ve been getting in my box. But for those who doesn’t know, what is GlossyBox?

Well, Glossybox is a customized box of 5-6 beauty products curated by a team of beauty experts and mailed directly to my door. They offer three different subscription plan, once-a-month, yearly, or just once. Depending on your subscription, the prices may vary. Personally, I got a monthly subscription for $22 with Free Shipping. Yey, to that.

✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿

Product #1: Sheet Mask in Aloe Rescue by BioRepublic Skincare

What: “Infused with natural extracts and vitamin E, this hydrating sheet mask promotes healthy, balanced skin in just one sitting.”

Personal Opinion: I’m truly in love with any form of face mask. It’s like a mini-spa in a sheet. On top of that, it’s Aloe. So we all know the properties of aloe and what it does to our thirsty-moisture-stripped face. Yes, it moisturizes it. This Korean skincare inspired produce includes all of the healing benefits without the parabens or sulfates and guess what it is 100% cruelty free. Looking and feeling good about using a product right?

Name the Price: Each sheet costs $5.00.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤❤

Product #2: Golden Skin Roll-on Caviar Eye Gel by Etre Belle Cosmetics

What: “We all want to look refreshed even if we didn’t get our full 8 hours of beauty sleep. Etre belle’s golden skin roll-on erases signs of fatigue by firming and resuscitating tired skin around the eyes.”

Personal Opinion: I know it’s bad, but lately I’ve only been getting an hour to two hour of sleep at night. By morning, I don’t just have eye bags… I got eye-luggage! This golden skin roll-on eye gel glides easily on my eye-luggage. Allowing the eye gel to fully absorb before applying make-up helps my foundation to stay in place and not crease. So far, I haven’t seen any major changes. It did make my eyes look alive, but nothing too noticeable. I’ll keep using it and will update if there’s any significant difference after.

Name the Price: Full size in .5 oz. is $45, the one I got in the box is .34 oz. with an estimate price of $30.00.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤

Product #3: The Porefessional Face Primer by Benefit Cosmetics

What: “Sick of your pores seeping through your makeup after just a few hours? We hear you! With Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer you’ll enjoy an even-toned, flawless finish that protects your skin and effortlessly blurs imperfections.”

Personal Opinion: I’ve heard about this product. Any sort of Primer is good for me as long as it does its job and doesn’t smells. Guess what, this one does its job spectacularly. I might buy a full size in the near future. With just a little dab on problem areas or my pores needing extra attention and viola, it’s hidden again.

Name the Price: Full size in .75 oz. is $31, the one I got in the box is .10 oz. with an estimate price of $4.00.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤❤

Product #4: Oasis Gem Lipstick in Heat Wave Ruby by Teeez Cosmetics

What: “Muted color palettes reflected in your cozy winter wardrobe call for a daring lip color. This limited edition berry-hued lipstick is the perfect accessory for any on-the-go ensemble.”

Personal Opinion: I’d say, when they claim it’ll last 8-hour, I didn’t believe it. But I was proven wrong. I did a trial run for it at home and 7 hours in, the color’s still vibrant at that point. I’ve drank, nibbled on food, and talked… a lot. The lipstick stayed put.

Name the Price: Full size is $22, the one I got in the box is a full size.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤❤

Product #5: ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser by GlamGlow

What: “The last thing you want is dry, moisture-stripped skin during the winter. GlamGlow’s innovative cleanser combines the power of mud with pure green coconut water to create a foaming lather that gently and effectively rinses away make up and dirt while hydrating your face.”

Personal Opinion: I was about to purchase this specific GlamGlow product in Sephora. Good thing I waited. Now I got a good amount of sample size to try. With ample amount of water, the clay boosts circulation and reduce inflammation on face. It’s the best skincare product that’s been around for centuries. I’m glad they’ve put it in this month’s box.

Name the Price: Full size in 5 oz. is $39, the one I got in the box is 1 oz. with an estimate price of $7.00.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤❤

Overall Opinion for this Month:


Truly, love is in the air. Since I fell in love with every single product on this month’s box. With $68 value in the box, it’s totally worth it.

Heart it: ❤❤❤❤❤

✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿ ★ ✿


Hugs, Dee


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