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FLYING WITH KIDS: Applying for Passport

Places to go. Things to see.

Since day one of finding out we were having our little bundle of joy, I dreamed of traveling with him all around the world. I want to be like the Mom and son in this one TV commercial, where they travel to places together. I want to see the world through his innocent eyes. However, the first six months of his life, my BabyChuChu, spent it cooped up in the Neonatal ICU. Then the following months after it was spent driving back and forth from his doctor’s appointments, therapist’s appointments, hospital visits and such. So my dream of globetrotting with him seemed a little impossible while he’s still free of charge as a lap infant. Nonetheless, I still want him to have his own passport. It may not be used for travelling but will be a great form of ID and a cute keepsake.

Then the moment came when his High Risk Doctor and his Pediatrician gave us the thumbs up and go signal. I was ecstatic, Babychuchu was clueless, and Hubby was determined to save up for the planned trip. First stop: Philippines. But before flying anywhere we went ahead with our plans to get his identity formally laminated.

The process itself was not complicated. Following the guidelines for passport pictures it seems like we were out of luck trying to get him to face the camera for a brief second on our own. So, we tried our luck on asking someone else to do the picture taking, namely Costco and other shiny picture places. Alas, after several tries, we came out empty handed with a fussy toddler and sweaty faces. Then my mother, after voicing out my exasperation, suggested I visit the old Image Photo place that I love way back in High School years. Although I was skeptical, we still did. To no surprise, the couple who own/ran the place adored my BabyChuChu from the moment we walked in. In return, he also adored his new granny and grandpa. He was giggling and making his happy sounds at them. Within minutes, we got his picture taken with a smile.

After that, everything else was smooth sailing. I picked up a form from our local post office a day ahead and filled it out beforehand (you can also print it out from the website and fill it out). We gathered the necessary document, like his Birth certificate. Then, I opted on applying at our local library. So while waiting to be called, Hubby and BabyChuChu can busy themselves with books. We were pretty much in and out of it really quick.

Now we are just waiting for the end of four weeks for us to receive a shiny new passport book and card for our little BabyChuChu. An official identification that officially opens the path for his future adventure.


Hugs, Dee


For more information on how to apply, visit the official website here.


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