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Small Things Means A Lot

As a proud frustrated writer, every little achievement in regards to writing, means a lot to me. Not because I think highly of my work, No Sir! Actually, it’s because I feel that I’m lacking that each achievement weighs so much. With my English as my third language*, every steps feels like a big leap when my work gets noticed.

That is why, I felt like I’m in cloud nine when my work was chosen to be published online by a site known to other micro-fiction writer. Story64 is an online story magazine. It’s a haven for creative mind to connect and share their thoughts and of course their works. Last year, November, I submitted two of my work. Two of my friend from the same writing community I belong to, submitted three works each. Wishing everyone good luck, we waited for the judgement day. Dada-dum!

The first email from Story64, I was disappointed. I was turned down with flying colors. So, I moved on. Then not long after, I received another email from one specific editor —Hi, Joseph! ヾ(*’▽’*) — who liked my work despite being turned down. With his advice and guidance, I edited my work and he resubmitted it. Lo and behold, less than a month after, it was accepted, finally. What a wonderful feeling.

By the time November rolled in, I was buzzing with excitement to see my work online. My hand was shaking after; I was notified with the acceptance of my first work, “Battered”. But what do you know, my second work “Game with Charlie” was also published online. Not long after, just a few hours after it went live online, the editors emailed me and quickly apologized due to the delay in notification. They’ve chosen my second work, but due to overwhelming entries, notifying me got pushed back a bit. Well, there’s nothing to complain about it since it was a nice surprise.

My work… Check it at

Now, that’s a push I needed to be more creative. So I set up a new goal. It wasn’t much and it’s nothing grand. It’s just a 15 minutes of writing per day, while the little one sleeps. Yes, that has been my goal. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate story. It could just be a 15 minutes of journal writing, or even just jutting down my dreams from last night. As long as I’m writing, I’ve achieved my goal for that day. In that sense, I’m motivated to practice everyday, my English hopefully can improve even just a little, and my creativity can be a bit more fruitful. See, I told you it wasn’t much. How about you? What’s your writing goal?

Hugs, Dee


* Tagalog is my first language, Gibberish is the second, and English is the third 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。


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