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Cooking, Cooking!

Growing up, both my mom and my dad were quite active with their kitchen duty. Eighty percent of the time, my mom would be cooking us a meal. The other twenty percent would be my dad’s turn if he was not out working. That went on until my dad finally moved out of the house, after the court-ordered separation was finalized. (There’s no divorce in Philippines, only separation.) Even by herself, my mom made sure all four of us have home-cooked meal every day, four times a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and merienda). Eating out is a luxury way back in my younger days, we only do it on special occasions. We never felt deprived, even if we were not familiar with those high-end restaurants or those tasty highly processed fast food chains. Actually, it’s more like a blessing. We learned to eat what we were given and be thankful for it. No wonder I seemed healthier back then.

Now, living a few miles away from my mom and being bestowed the privilege of kitchen duty for my own family. Unlike my older sister and older brother, I can’t seem to fair as well as our mom did. With home delivery food just a phone call away and drive-thru restaurants every other blocks, my family’s meal time are far from what I grew up with. Eating out is always the first choice for us, since it’s fast, convenient, and less dishes to wash. However, now that I’m on the borderline of being diabetic and my little BabyChuChu’s learning to eat on his own. I wanted to finally try my hands on home cooked meals.

Kitchen Catastrophe! (Not too far from Reality)

At first it was a disaster. Complete utter failure! Everything I cook turned out either mushy, undercooked, or burned beyond recognition. I learned that not giving up is the key on trying new things (such as cooking). It may look bleak on the first try or the second but as I do it over and over again, found out I’m improving and actually having fun as I do it.  Now, I think I’ve improved quite a bit. There’s no need for a fire-extinguisher any more. Well, not yet, that is. Also, per Hubby, the food I’ve been serving him lately are perfectly edible. Hooray!

I give props to my mom and my cousin, who doesn’t get tired answering my frantic phone call on why the soup is turning a weird shade of brown as it boils over. Haha! Also, those helpful online recipes and to Blue Apron, who taught me on how to follow picture recipe. While I’m continually learning, come join me measure, blanch, fry, and zest things. I’ll post recipes, tips, and info-bites that I find interesting or have taught me a thing or two.

For now, Happy Eating!
Stay Awesome People!

Hugs, Dee



5 thoughts on “Cooking, Cooking!

  1. I was just like you! Until now sometime I will still call my mom or my friends and ask about this and that when I am cooking though now is very rare doing that! But now much much better! and more confident until I decided to write some recipes on my blog. My friends also love to eat what I cook 🙂 So Keep learning and so do I 🙂

    Please visit my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) and my blog for more recipe ideas

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    1. Thank you. Nice to know I’m not the only one. Feels good to know I’ve got a comrade in Kitchen battles. ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ I will definitely check your pages. Since it’ll be a nice to learn from other “mom-cook” as well. Feel free to stay for awhile and subscribe in my blog as well. Once I start posting recipes, it’ll be a great way to exchange ideas.


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