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Death: We Can Never Be Prepared For It!

Being this as my initial post. I was hoping to launch my Brand New Blog with a happy note or two. However, life doesn’t work that way.

I’ve drafted multiple entry I was thinking of using, but it doesn’t seem right using them now. Tomorrow will be the last day we will bid my Grandmother, or as we call her Lola Isang, a goodbye.

The 99 years of her life was lived fully and with much love. She outlived her husband and even some of her children and grandchildren. She saw the changes of time, from surviving the World War II in Philippines, to living in today’s world. She was able to meet her great-grandchildren. Hugged them, played with them, and adored them. She was able to share her spiritual beliefs and the good news of the Kingdom for as long as she can. She has done a lot, that is true.

So, other’s may think it’s about the right time for her to rest. Yet, in her opinion, it’s still not enough. She still wants to do a lot of things, to spread more love, and to be more caring. Though her body already failed her, it didn’t stop her from dreaming that one day she will be able to jump up off from her bed. Prance around sweeping the floor, cooking for her family, and just being the adorable and caring Lola Isang that we know.

Not in this lifetime but in the future she may do all of those to her heart’s content. We just have to believe.


We will miss you Lola Isang. Rest well and Sleep tight, we will chill once again in Paradise. Just wait for me in the new system. Much Love! (Ac. 24:14; Rev. 20:12)

Hugs, Dee


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